jothar will take you on a journey through Arabia to find and learn the Arabic letters. The game starts off with a map that you use to find the letters. The map takes you to 7 different scenes inspired by places and monuments found around the Arabic world. As you go through these scenes, you will find cards with letters on them. You will hear the letter, the sound that it makes and a word that begins with that letter. After that, you need to go through a couple of excercises to make sure that you recognize the letter.

At different stages in the journey, you will unlock tools and games that will help you further practice letter recognition and the initial set of words. By the end of the journey you should be able to recognize the Arabic letters.


  • Learn all of the Arabic letters through several games built into jothar
  • Four accounts can be setup so that multiple users can go through it at their own pace
  • English based language: makes it ideal for families of Arabic origins living abroad

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