What's New?

2014.08.01 - Min Timma (v1.4) is released

  • For all of the sweet-tooths out there, we now have desserts in our recipes!
  • Added five new recipes
  • Added links in the app to follow us on social networks
  • The recipes are now ordered by type

2014.04.09 - Min Timma (v1.3) is released

  • The "Purchase" and "Restore Purchase" buttons are now correctly displayed on the 3.5" iPhones (4 and 3GS)
  • A green "V" icon is shown on the reccipes that are vegetarian
  • Recipes are arranged in alphabetical order based on the displayed language
  • A gentle reminder to rate us on the iTunes Store
  • Ten new recipes including Malfoof, Makdoos, Sheesh Tawooq and BBQ Lamb Skewers

2014.02.12 - Min Timma (v1.2) is released

We've added 12 more recipes accessible through an in-app purchase. This in-app purchase will unlock all future recipes and gets rid of the Ad Banners. The new recipes include: Falafel, Loobye w' Labniye (Flat Green Beans) and Sabanegh (Spinach)!

2013.10.07 - Min Timma (v1.1) is released

This new release of Min Timma includes a design change that is compatible with iOS7 and a layout overhaul to simplify navigation. We added 6 new delicious recipes including: Fatayer Sabanegh, Koosa bil Laban and Batinjan Mishwee. The recipe list now shows a thumbnail image of the recipe and you can choose to view the titles in English or "Lebanglish"! You can give us a rating and a review through the app now. So, please don't be shy.

2013.07.31 - Min Timma (v1.0) is released

Today, we released a new Middle Eastern recipes app. This first release consists of 12 delicious recipes including Tabbouleh, Hummus bil Tahini and other classics. It is compatible with iOS 6.1 and is free on Apple's App store.

2013.04.15 - jothar (v1.2) is available

App crashing issues on iPad2 and mini iPads are resolved.

2013.03.26 - jothar (v1.1) is available

We added phonetics of the letters to the app. We gave credit to those who worked and helped out on this project so far. An issue with the game unintentionally going into portrait mode was addressed. We also implemented several enhancements to the user interface to make the game "smoother".

2013.03.15 - our first App is released!

Today, we released our first mobile app, jothar (v1.0). It is an interactive journey through the Arabian world for kids to learn the Arabic language. It is compatible with the iPad and available on the iTunes store.